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Learn from a Certified Yuen Method Practitioner

Have You always wanted to be an energy healer? Want to learn and master the Yuen Method? Its the most powerful technique out there that continually delivers awe-inspiring results.

Khadine Alcock


Finally have your questions answered! The classes are flexible and you, if you desire, can set the itinery of the class...in other words, you tell me what you want to work on and we will focus on those areas.

Have Questions? Just want to learn the basics to heal yourself and loved ones?
A two hour training session for the fee of USD$200 where we answer all. your questions and teach you the basics of the Yuen Method technique. In other words, this course is for everybody interested in learning the technique for their personal use but  do not intend to work on clients as a healer.YOur.

The Yuen Method

The World Needs More People like you!


Learn to be a healer. Heal Others and Yourself.


In the class we practice on anyone you would like to try on ( great way to get the experience) and we work on all the energy blocks that have been holding you back.



The cost of this course is US$400. It includes 3 classes, video recordings of the classes,  Your own personal session for Strengthenings for your own intuition and challenges and its all done in a fun, practical way.



Sessions can be done on Zoom, Google Meet, Face Time and are designed to make you feel confident, Strong and Improved.

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About us


My name is Khadine Alcock. I have been doing energy/natural healing work for over 20 years. I  started as a yoga instructor, nutritional consultant, reiki master then eventually found other modalities such as Quantum Touch, Healing Codes, Body Code. They are all awesome techniques that have naturally integrated into my healing sessions and they led me to the Yuen Method. A much faster, powerful way to really get results. I studied and practiced all these modalities while working in a corperate job, so believe me - whatever your lifestyle, energy healing can be a part of yours as well. Yuen Method is practical, logical and gives you predicatable results once you follow the method. I enjoy teaching and guiding other healers because the world needs you! I would be honoured to teach you this wonderful technique.


I am a certified Yuen Method Practitioner and I work full time as a practitioner.

Learn the Yuen Method  and help yourself and others.



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